Our Mission

At Alwalaa Halal Meat Shop our mission is to provide our customers with a new and exciting clean and healthy experience. Alwalaa has highest quality of Halal meats, poultry and deli, presented in a new and enticing way by the finest butchers. We have a duty to you. That is why we will never compromise on our strict adherence to Halal requirements. To ensure this, all of our Halal processes are completed and overseen by a team of Muslim blessers. We Guarantee all our meats are 100% hand slaughter and all of our meats are purchased from livestock to ensure are standard for Halal is meet 100%.Our family believes that your family deserve the greatest quality.

We believe our health, safety and environmental responsibilities extend beyond protection and enhancement of our own facilities. We utilize and manage our resources to ensure the safety and health of our people, partners, customers, and community. Our family believes that your family deserves the greatest quality.

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