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Beef Fillet

Most Tender Part Of The Beef Fillet, Used For Roast, BBQ, And More

Beef Steak (New York, Rib Eye, Sirloin)

Marble AAA Rib Eye, NewYork Steak, Or Sirloin Perfect For Tender BBQ Peices

Beef T-Bone Steak

Tender Steak Peices With Bone, Melts In Your Mouth

Beef Leg Bonles Tender Peices

Tender Beef Peices For Everyday Cooking Purposes

Beef Roast

Tender Peices From The Beef That Make A Perfect Roast Dinner

Beef Shoulder Bonless Tender

Tender Boneless Beef For Everyday Cooking Purposes

Beef Muscles

Beef Shank Peices, Just Boil The Meat And Let It Melt In Your Mouth

Beef With Bone

Beef Peices Cut Up With Bone, For Everyday Cooking Purposes

Beef Cold Cuts

Amazing Flavour, Cooked Ground Beef For Everyday Breakfast & Lunch

Beef Kafta

Season Ground Beef With Spices Parsley & Onion.

Beef liver

Fresh beef liver cleaner and sliced to your request

Makanik / Sujuk

Ground beef mixed with special spices, ready for you to cook

Kafta Skewer

Beef with parsley, onion spice to perfection ready on skewers to grill rest assured

Kebbeh nae

Raw lean meat, grounded and spiced guaranteed to make your taste buds fall in love


Beef inside, dried for weeks covered with red pepper, Cayan pepper, and secret spices slice thinly ready to eat.

Beef Burgers

Famous Ground Beef Marinated With Our Famous Home Made Mix. One Of The Top Sellers.

Ground Beef lean

Ground Beef Lean

Ground Beef Extra Medium

Beef Ground Beef Extra Medium

Bonless Chicken Breast

Fresh Skinless, Bonless, Chicken Breast

Bonless Chicken Legs

Fresh Skinless, Bonless, Chicken Legs

Chicken Burger

Ground Chicken, Marinated To Make Your Taste Buds Dance

Marinated Chicken Tawook

Bonless, Skinless Chicken Breast Marinated To Perfection

Whole Chicken

Fresh Whole Chicken

Chicken Legs

Fresh Chicken Leg & Thigh

Chicken Wings

Fresh Chicken Wings

Chicken Escalope

Bonless, Skinless Chicken Breast Marinated To Perfection coated with secret recipe of bread crumbs

Lamb / Goat Leg

Lamb / Goat Full Leg

Lamb / Goat Shoulder

Lamb / Goat Full Shoulder

Lamb / Goat Chops

Lamb /Goat Tender Chops

Lamb / Goat Neck

Lamb / Goat Neck

Lamb / Goat Ribs

Lamb / Goat Rib Racks

Lamb / Goat Ground

Ground Lamb / Goat

Whole Lamb Or Goat

Whole Lamb / Goat Cut, And Cleaned The Way You Like

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